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With FieldGenius you get the most powerful Survey data collection software in the world. Advanced Roading, Surfacing, Slope Staking, Code Free Linework, Smart Points, full Robotic and GPS support and Live Graphics make FieldGenius the choice of organizations that value productivity.

  • Total Station and GPS Support

    - FieldGenius supports all popular conventional and robotic total stations, as well as most RTK GPS receivers.

    - Easy to use instrument toolbar ensures that your instrument options and settings are easily accessible.

    - OmniSTAR support

    Powerful Road Module

    - FieldGenius roading module is the most powerful and easy to use roading available.

    - Manually input your alignment data including centerline, vertical and template data.

    - Powerful alignment staking tools help you stake your points along your alignment with confidence. After you've staked your points, generate cut sheet reports using our cut sheet generator.

    All the staking tools you will ever need

    - FieldGenius includes staking commands for points, lines, arcs, alignments and 3D surfaces.

    - A cut sheet generator helps you determine if the points you staked are where they should be.

    - Choose between compass, grid, and map staking modes.

    - Adjust viewing direction to north, prism, instrument, and user point.

    - Next point routine helps you quickly select next point to stake out..

    - Works with tablets and desktop PCs.

    Works with Tablets and Desktop PCs

    - Not just for mobile devices & data collectors - it works great on Windows-based tablets as well!

    - The desktop version is great for learning how to use FieldGenius and it comes with all the same tools and functions that are available on the data collector version.

    - Use it to manually input your alignment data prior to heading out to the field, or use it to check projects that the field crew just downloaded.

    - Projects are interchangeable between the desktop version and your data collector.

    It's Easy to Use

    - The Tap'n Survey interface allows you to take shots, stake points, edit coords, stake a line, or any of the things you do all day long. A single graphics tap takes you immediately to the function you want.

    - Our logical icons and real toolbars are easy to use and understand. Larger buttons for common commands make it easy to pick on the screen.

    Code-free Connectivity

    - Line connectivity is not feature code dependent. A single line may be made up of points having different feature codes.

    - FieldGenius supports multiple lines using the same feature code

    - Supports quick and easy line editing

    - Arcs, Lines, and Splines are all fully 3D and can all be used in the same figure.

    Painless Data Transfer

    - MicroSurvey's ActiveSync support automatically connects with FieldGenius to show you all the projects on your device. Upload and download with a mouse click.

    - FieldGenius uses RW5 files for raw data. This allows you to transfer your raw files into any modern surveying software.

    - Coordinate and connectivity files are standard dbase format files that can be opened in Excel for further processing. Our database is open to you.

    Advanced Display

    - Improves the ease and speed of your survey data collection

    - Details of each shot can be displayed in a small pop up window in your drawing (HA, VA, SD, Next Point ID and Target Height)

    - View coordinates, drawing info and computation results using the display

    - Added color control, view filtering and point symbols

    Contouring, Surfacing, and Volume Calculations

    - Create accurate contours in your hand.

    - One tap functionality. Modeling could not be easier.

    - Automatic support for breaklines.

    Superior Data Import

    - More data imports than other software. Our RW5 support allows you to take an RAW file out of a TDS data collector and reprocess it into coordinates.

    - DXF direct import including lines, arcs, polylines, points, text and 3D faces.

    - LandXML direct import. Includes LandXML alignments, parcels, points and surfaces.

    Custom toolbars

    - Custom instrument control toolbars for GPS and total stations on the main interface minimizes the need to dig into menus for common toggles and settings.

    - Everything is at your fingertips

    Works on more Windows CE hardware models and Windows tablets

    - FieldGenius works on more Windows CE hardware models than the competition.

    - Need a larger screen? FieldGenius works on all Windows 7 and Windows CE tablets. Such as the Algiz 7 by Handheld, and the Mesa Rugged Notepad by Juniper Systems.

    - Choose the hardware device that’s right for your durability requirements and fiscal restraints, not your software.

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