Microsurvey Layout

Layout is a simple to use graphical field product designed specifically for the construction layout professional. Used on its own, or in conjunction with Point Prep, MicroSurvey Layout gives you all the tools you need to layout your points and lines accurately and easily.

  • MicroSurvey Layout is a simple to use locating program designed specifically for construction layout and MEP contractors. Used on its own, or in conjunction with Point Prep, MicroSurvey Layout gives you all the tools you need to layout your points accurately and easily. Also included is an as-built mode that allows you measure existing points on a job or pickup points needed for earthwork quantities.

    Contractor Friendly

    - Streamlined interface with two modes: Layout and As-built. Layout mode includes all the tools you need to locate points, lines, arcs, and DXF drawing entities.

    - As-built mode includes all the tools you need to perform a topographic survey or to collect as-built data. Measure and store points that can be exported for use in CAD systems, or import the data directly into MicroSurvey Point Prep.

    Easy Layout

    - Graphically stake points with directional grids, compass, or map mode.

    - Graphically stake DXF cad drawings by selecting DXF entities from the map screen.

    - Staking list allows you to manage your day's work by selecting the points you plan on staking and Layout will automatically guide your process.

    - Stake point routine can find the next nearest point to your current prism or GPS position for you automatically.

    - Error checking is built in and warns you when you store a layout position that doesn’t meet your error tolerances preventing accidental errors at the job site.

    - Cut sheet generator creates a layout report that summarizes what points have been located along with point deviations and cut and fill values.

    MEP Module

    - The MEP module for MicroSurvey Layout provides the user with advanced but easy to use tools for laying out points on floors, walls, ceilings and pipe penetrations using a simple laser dot. Using the non-prism mode on your instrument, MicroSurvey Layout will automatically iterate several measurements and determine where the true surface is located and adjust the layout location automatically. Your instrument’s laser dot will mark the spot!

    - This functionality is available for the Leica TS15, Leica Nova 50, Geomax Zoom80, Leica iCON 50, and the Leica 3D Disto. The MEP module can be added to either MicroSurvey Layout or MicroSurvey Layout Pro.

    Easy Plan Entry

    - Built-in Plan entry tool allows you to easily take design measurements from a paper plan and enter them directly into Layout to create a digital version of the drawing.

    - Coordinate points are computed for you automatically as you enter measurements.

    - Create lines and arcs along with points at the same time as you enter plans.

    - Template creator allows you to save your entered plan so it can be used in other projects.

    Integrated Survey, Design and CAD

    - Lines and arcs can be offset to the left or right or both by a specific distance.

    - Compute points down and out from a line or arc.

    - Partition lines or arcs by defining a distance, or a number of divisions along the line or arc.

    - Compute point offsets between points.

    - Input point patterns and then apply them to points in your project for layout.

    As-built and Topographic Tools

    - As-built routines are built-in so you can measure existing conditions for as-built reports or drawings.

    - Easily record points with elevation that can be exported to other third party applications.

    - Record data for cut / fill analysis, volume calculations or DTM model creation.

    - Generate line work as you measure. Create a picture at the job site while you work.

    - Use GPS or your Total Station to measure and record your points.

    Road Alignment Layout

    - Input alignment data from paper drawings into the built alignment editor.

    - Input horizontal alignment, vertical profiles and templates

    - Easy to use stakeout tools

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