Laser Rotators

Suitable for a wide range of applications GeoMax laser rotators are true multi-purpose tools with an oustanding cost-effectiveness. From site work and levelling to alignment, pipe laying, interior finishing and civil engineering projects - these multi-purpose lasers always offer the required accuracy and reliability.

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  • ZEL400 Series

    • With its proven performance the ZEL400 laser rotator series covers the whole range from internal applications to general construction – a true multi-purpose tool. 

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    ZLT300/200 Series

    • At GeoMax we understand that your equipment should be as flexible as you. With the ZLT300 and ZLT200 we introduce a series of multi-purpose lasers that cover all the range from machine control, site work, pipe laying to interior finishing. 

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    Zone50 Series

    • Featuring a fully automatic as well as an automatic model, the Zone50 Series provides the perfect match for any work site requiring highest precision, outstanding durability and extensive range. A laser that “works when you do!”. 

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    Geomax - Distribution Partner

    Geo-Vjosa is GEOMAX Distribution Partner for Albania, providing the neccessary tools for the realization of topographic and geodetic solutions.

    GEOMAX, as one of the companies part of the Hexagon Group, represents the same family values and quality, combining exceptional level of technology with practicality and simplicity of use, and offering the instruments and equipment with optimal ratio price / performance suitable for any work in the field of topography and geodesy.