All GeoMax software is developed to make your daily work more easy and flexible. Highly innovative contents as well as simple and intuitive interactions with the systems enable you to gain, analyze, use, and transfer data just as needed. Simply choose the software best able to meet your requirements.

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  • GGO Version 3

    • Version 3 builds on the proven performance of GGO and now supports the complete current range of Geomax products.

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    X-PAD Suite

    • X-PAD Suite is a set of programs for field and office perfectly integrated, that offer a solution to all the needs of survey and stakeout with GeoMax instruments. 

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    GeoMax FieldGenius

    • GeoMax FieldGenius delivers you a powerful data collection software for all your daily surveying tasks in the field.  

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    GeoMax Layout Pro

    • GeoMax Layout Pro is a simple-to-use locating program designed specifically for construction layout and MEP contractors.  

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    Geomax - Distribution Partner

    Geo-Vjosa is GEOMAX Distribution Partner for Albania, providing the neccessary tools for the realization of topographic and geodetic solutions.

    GEOMAX, as one of the companies part of the Hexagon Group, represents the same family values and quality, combining exceptional level of technology with practicality and simplicity of use, and offering the instruments and equipment with optimal ratio price / performance suitable for any work in the field of topography and geodesy.