Geospatial Applications

From earth observation to big data management. from 3D visualisation to stereo mapping. An overview of Hexagon Geospatial solutions per process.

  • Earth observation (Remote Sensing)

    • Remote sensing is the broad term for obtaining information from a distance. This usually involves satellite or aerial images, such as aerial photography, thermal or other sensors.

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    Data Management solution for GIS

    • Big Data. Also in geospatial. Managing and retrieving large volumes of geospatial data and information is a must. Performance, stability and scalability and compatibility with open standards.

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    Data Compression

    • Big Data compression is essential. For managing and working with geodata works faster and cheaper. There are various compression techniques and formats, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. An overview follows
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    Stereo mapping

    • Stereo Mapping is the gathering of 3D spatial information from stereo aerial photographs. A requirement for accurately tracking basic administrations, as the BGT. Available for various software platforms, so you can work in your ideal software environment.
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    Object extraction from imagery

    • Up-to-date spatial information can be obtained from aerial photographs or satellite. By (semi) automatic object recognition we can accelerate and repeat the process for generating useful information.
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    Automatic georeferencing

    • The importance of accurate positioning with change detection, mapping and image analysis is high. With automatic image-to-image registration algorithms can achieve a lot.
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    3D visualisation

    • The third dimension is crucial in the human experience. Spatial data sets are representations of reality, and a display in 2D often provides limited recognition. 3D visualization can be a powerful tool for communication of spatial developments.
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    Hexagon Geospatial - Channel Partner

    GJEO-VJOSA is Channel Partner of Hexagon Geospatial offering solutions and softwares to the GIS profesionals.

    Hexagon geospatial is the software division of the Hexagoun Group, world’s largest geospatial company. By bringing together the best of technologies (Intergraph, ERDAS, LH Systems, ER Mapper, Ionic) that span the main geospatial genres, understanding the client appreciation for simplicity combined with sophistication, HXGS softwares and solutions represent leading geospatial products to build and deploy 2D and 3D applications.