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  • ERDAS APOLLO is a reliable information management system for efficiently managing, editing, analysing and delivering unrestricted amounts of geographic data troughout the organization and beyond.

    The power of ERDAS APOLLO:

    - Central management of large quantities of data creates less management effort
    - A Complete overview and easy to access catalog to search for data leads to higher quality and quantity of production
    -Management tools for delivering data controlled and secure to end users
    -Connection to other (geo)systems
    -Serving the data through your geo portal
    -Integration with webviewers like Google Earth and Microsoft Bing

    Key features of ERDAS APOLLO:

    -Automatic creation and maintenance of geographic data catalog
    - Wide range of tools for managing, searching and delivering your geographic data
    -Advanced serverbased techniques for serving raster and vector data via OGC compliant webservices like WMS, WCS, WFS, WFS-T
    -Fine grained securityr at the user level, but also per data set and service
    -Complies with the Open Standards: ISO and OGC (ISO19115 /WMS/WFS/WCS) Interoperability
    -Advanced compression and streaming techniques
    -Ensuring integrity using backup and fail-over services
    - Fits in a standard IT environment
    -Comes with a web client out-of-the-box
    - Fully customizable (Java, J2EE) using the APOLLO Solutions Toolkit

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