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  • Remote sensing is the broad term for acquiring information from a distance. This usually refers to satellite data or information recorded by airborne sensors, such as imagery, heat detectors or other types of sensors.

    Thanks to remote sensing it’s possible to determine soil composition, classify vegetation types and calculate indices like evaporation and biomass, and map the consequences of human action, like urbanisation or the use of certain pesticides.

    Such a broad area of application demands a flexibele software environment, which is powerful and yet easy to use by people with very different backgrounds. ERDAS IMAGINE is that software environment. In the standard user interface, a multitude of tools is available to directly calculate often used indices. And thanks to the modeler environment, advanced users can create their own models with many variables. This way, they can request information on the fly, every time a new image becomes available. And the most advanced users can even set up their own expert system, using IMAGINE to help weigh scenario’s and judge outcomes. This makes ERDAS IMAGINE the world’s leading geographic data authoring sytem.

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