Big Data

  • Organizations increasingly face the challenge of managing massive amounts of geospatial data; as the sheer volume and variety grows, the need for effective organization and distribution grows with it.

    Hexagon Geospatial provides solutions for comprehensive management of distributed data stores, and delivery across desktop, mobile and web applications.

    By providing an integrated platform that stores, organizes and disseminates your data, we make sure big data management is a reality for your organization. Our solution offers you:
    • Reduced IT costs and operational efficiency improvements
    • Connect users to data in a one interactive GIS environment
    • Flexible data delivery
    • Enhanced geospatial interoperability


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    Hexagon Geospatial - Channel Partner

    GJEO-VJOSA is Channel Partner of Hexagon Geospatial offering solutions and softwares to the GIS profesionals.

    Hexagon geospatial is the software division of the Hexagoun Group, world’s largest geospatial company. By bringing together the best of technologies (Intergraph, ERDAS, LH Systems, ER Mapper, Ionic) that span the main geospatial genres, understanding the client appreciation for simplicity combined with sophistication, HXGS softwares and solutions represent leading geospatial products to build and deploy 2D and 3D applications.