• Water boards have an important task in guarding our daily security. On the one hand they are responsible for quantitative management and on the other they cope with qualitative management. The solutions of Hexagon Geospatial can be an important aid at these tasks.

    Quantitative management

    Knowing in which direction water will flow and which areas will submerge during an unexpected dike collapse or water level rising, is essential for a water board to do all the management tasks in their region. In order to do this analysis properly, a very detailed terrain model is essential. Thanks to aerial photographs and powerful AutoDTM product, water boards can create a new terrain model on an annual basis. This allows them to anticipate on significant changes in the terrain, at a fraction of the costs of a LiDAR flight. Using the extensive capabilities of ERDAS IMAGINE related to pointclouds, it is easy to get an insight in this source of information and in the changing terrain. Making cross sections at any given point and with any given length, and measuring in these cross sections, dynamically moving the cross section through the terrain, editing pointclouds, classifying the individual points, it is all very well possible using ERDAS IMAGINE. This allows for interactive scenario planning, and it allows water boards to be more on top of what happens in their catchment area. Illegally filling up ditches and trenches can easily be traced.

    Qualitative management

    Measuring the water quality is also of huge importance. How safe is our swimming water, where does botulism appear, etc. Due to remote sensing techniques, large areas can be mapped using satellite imagery and the quality parameters for surface water can be extracted. By applying this technique, enforcement agents and water quality managers can do their work more focussed, which leads to more effective management and cost savings.

    Generic data management

    With the appearance of high resolution aerial photography imagery, the amount of geographic data to manage and to disseminate within a water board organisation has grown immensely. Thanks to a compression format like ECW and the server solution APOLLO, these types of data layers remain controllable and available for a wider audience. Images are served superfast via Open Standards and without wasting time on time-consuming and disk-consuming (and therefore budget-consuming) tile caches, thanks to APOLLO Essentials. The unique and unprecedented automatic maintenance of the metadata catalogue and webservices of APOLLO Advantage (including management of pointclouds, and even of non-geographic data) ascertains that you do not get entangled in your geographic data.

    Integration into your existing environment

    The solutions of Hexagon Geospatial fit seamlessly into your existing architecture. Rigid support for Open Standards enable that. This implies that you do not need to replace existing systems, but you can simply extend those components that you require, without touching the rest.

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