Survey Applications

  • Topographic mapping surveys

    • Topographic Mapping Surveys are carried out to document existing project site conditions for various purposes such as urban and regional planning, project design, road and utilities route design, site preparation and grading, quantity and volume calculation. Topographic Survey typically depicts the configuration of the ground surface details in addition to site planimetric details. Ground surface details are then represented on topographic maps of various sizes, scales and formats depending on the intended use of the maps.
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    Construction Layout & Stacking surveys

    • Construction Layout and Staking Surveys are carried out to demark and flag the location (position) and elevation of construction elements on the ground based on approved design plans and relative project coordinate system. Such elements include but not limited to foundations, axis lines, concrete slabs, utility lines, ditches, drainage channels, embankments, dikes, grades, road horizontal and vertical alignments, manholes, pipelines, culverts, street furniture, or any other design structure.
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    Control monument

    • A common coordinate system is vital for project success and integrity throughout the project planning, design, construction, and documentation phases.
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    Hydrographic surveys

    • Hydrographic surveys are very important for off-shore and near shore coastal development projects. It provides the project design and construction teams with vital information about the configuration of the under water terrain, in addition to other valuable project input data.
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    Underground utilities

    • We employ different types and combinations of state of the art technologies in the detection and mapping of underground utility lines of various material types and depths with an unprecedented accuracy and high degree of certainty and reliability.
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    Masterplanning support

    • Master planning requires essential geospatial information. Such information can be in the form of regional large scale maps (transportation maps, utility maps, public services location maps, subdivision maps, etc.) or other relevant non-spatial data such as population statistics, household average income, traffic intensity information, etc.
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    Subdivision design

    • Our expert team will develop the best subdivision design that will enhance quality of life for future occupants, promote environmental sustainability, innovatively integrate with adjacent local communities, and more importantly maximize the value of your investment.
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    3D lasser scanning

    • Highly detailed and congested sites are hard to survey using conventional survey techniques due to limited access and space and for other safety concerns. 3D laser scanning technology has many advantages over conventional survey techniques
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    Alignment planning

    • Route planning surveys are conducted for many types of development projects such as highways, roads, railways, pipelines, power transmission lines, etc.
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    Minning survey

    • For detailed exploration of mineral deposits the tasks of the mine surveying service include construction of a reference grid, surveying the earth’s surface, transferring the plan for the location of exploratory workings to the actual site, and surveying all exploratory workings, as well as natural and man-made rock exposures.
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    Technical manpower supply

    • One of our services is the assignment of professional and technical survey staff with specialized knowledge, skills, and practical experience as per the requirement and special needs of our client’s operations and projects.
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    Deformation surveys

    • Deformation surveys provides specialist engineers with important input data that will be used in the analysis of the structural deformation and actions to be taken to deal with the causes/consequences in order to mitigate or eliminate possible risks and structural safety.
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