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  • A common coordinate system is vital for project success and integrity throughout the project planning, design, construction, and documentation phases.

    A network of well positioned project control monuments and bench marks are planned, constructed and accurately surveyed to serve as the project coordinate framework. All survey mapping and layout activities will be based on this network of control monuments. Project control point coordinates and elevations are typically established using Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) static/fast static surveys, conventional traversing, and differential leveling.

    We have extensive experience in the establishment of geodetic control point networks using both conventional and satellite-based positioning systems ranging from small project controls to regional and national geodetic networks.This is important for interfacing the project with existing or future adjacent development projects and documenting the project for update of municipal Land Information Systems, Geographic Information Systems, or for the generation of the project as-built plans.

    We understand the importance of project control network and its impact on the project overall integrity and accuracy. We advise our clients to plan their project coordinate system and control network monuments as early as possible during the project initiation phase to ensure successful completion of the project.


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