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  • Master planning requires essential geospatial information. Such information can be in the form of regional large scale maps (transportation maps, utility maps, public services location maps, subdivision maps, etc.) or other relevant non-spatial data such as population statistics, household average income, traffic intensity information, etc.

    We have the tools and resources to provide its clients with reliable information that can be used as a basis for regional and city master planning.
    Our services include:

    -Establishment of multipurpose basemaps for urban and regional planning
    -Topographic and planimetric detail mapping for various purposes
    -Flood plain mapping and terrain modeling
    -Route planning support surveys for highways, roads, railways, and utility lines
    -Demographic data collection, modeling, and representation of basemaps
    -Cadastral and real estate boundary surveys and collection of other non-spatial data related to master planning

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    Gjeo-Vjosa - 20 years surveying experience

    With a waste experience of 20 years in land surveying, engineering and cadastre, Gjeo-Vjosa has the requested know-how in the field.

    Responsibility and Professionalism are our core values on implementing and fullfilling our partners expectations.

    Our staff is in continuous training process to handle the state-of-art technology and methods.