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  • Our expert team will develop the best subdivision design that will enhance quality of life for future occupants, promote environmental sustainability, innovatively integrate with adjacent local communities, and more importantly maximize the value of your investment.

    Our services under this category include:

    - Property Boundary Survey to establish and document the boundary of the land tract, verify and detect and resolve any trespasses or encroachments, set up, and delineate the project boundary corners and boundary line markers.
    - Development of multiple subdivision concepts in close consultation with client
    - Development of the final subdivision plans in accordance with highest local, national, and international standards.
    - Development of individual lot boundary plans and the generation of lot boundary descriptions for ownership deed conveyances.
    - Development of the cadastral basemap for the developed subdivision on any specified Land Information System (LIS) database platform.
    - Development of high quality 2D and 3D land subdivision presentations for marketing purposes.

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    Responsibility and Professionalism are our core values on implementing and fullfilling our partners expectations.

    Our staff is in continuous training process to handle the state-of-art technology and methods.