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  • One of our services is the assignment of professional and technical survey staff with specialized knowledge, skills, and practical experience as per the requirement and special needs of our client’s operations and projects.

    This assignment can be done based on mutual agreement with our clients for any specified period of time during any project life cycle. The assigned staff normally works under the management and supervision of the client’s project management team to apply their specialized skills and knowledge survey related project aspects. This service can be tailored as per client’s needs in terms of staff specialty, work location, working hours, equipment, etc.

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    Gjeo-Vjosa - 20 years surveying experience

    With a waste experience of 20 years in land surveying, engineering and cadastre, Gjeo-Vjosa has the requested know-how in the field.

    Responsibility and Professionalism are our core values on implementing and fullfilling our partners expectations.

    Our staff is in continuous training process to handle the state-of-art technology and methods.