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  • Government

    • The topographic surveying and cadastre services for Immovable Properties Agencies, as well as special services associated with GIS systems, solutions for the asset management related to the activities of water supply and sewerage agencies, solutions and services in the field of agriculture, and also activities related to monitoring and comparison of historical projects, - the waste field of applications requires responsibility and professionalism as core values of our company.
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    • Local government bodies and relevant state agencies find to Geo-Vjosa a partner and complete and rapid solutions for every area of their activity that requires geodesic and topographic measurements.
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    • Engineering design and supervision studios have a special focus as Gjeo-Vjosa's steady customers. Accuracy guaranteed by the methodology, the equipments and above all the professionalism, speed of implementation of works and eligible direct costs are basic requirements Geo-Vjosa meets for its clients.
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    • Organizing related services for urban planning studio, complete standardization in accordance with the requirements of planning, enables the creation of geospatial data, classification and their correct interpretation as well as the calculations in building planning scenarios for the development of the territory.
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    • In the process of execution of the construction works, the service that offers surveyor specialist is linked with the all execution cycle.
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    • The Individuals principally need topographic measurements regarding the elements of ownership and other cadastral services.
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    Gjeo-Vjosa - 20 years surveying experience

    With a waste experience of 20 years in land surveying, engineering and cadastre, Gjeo-Vjosa has the requested know-how in the field.

    Responsibility and Professionalism are our core values on implementing and fullfilling our partners expectations.

    Our staff is in continuous training process to handle the state-of-art technology and methods.