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  • Land surveying realized through high accuracy measurements as Total Station and GNSS equipment is widely used in cadastral surveying, and is the basis for determining terrain’s shape of the parcel, which will serve to plan of drainage and irrigation, assessing the damages that can be caused by precipitation and erosion.
    Acquisition and data collection by GNSS equipment combined with data collection by taking pictures and evaluation of the professionals, creates the necessary database for assessment and prediction of future potential production of an area.
    Picketing and Leveling during the infrastructure works has an important place and participates the whole process till at the submission moment.
    Dams, water barriers and gabions monitoring  require high precision guaranteed not only by the professional instruments, but the degree of knowledge and the well-defined methodology.
    Hydrographic surveying serves to collect accured information on the beds of natural water flows of the rivers and lakes as well as reservoirs, irrigation ditches and canals, to evaluate the needs and related costs of interventions.
    During the execution works is the possibility of damage of the underground infrastructure. The use of special equipments and related know-how on underground surveying avoids these unnecessary risks.
    In the process of planning and designing the masterplans the measurement of new buildings that are not reflected in existing geospatial system constitutes a necessity. Measurements in this case realised depending on the precision required by the use of Total Station or GNSS equipments, and also scanning methods.

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