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  • Asset Management on and underground, public or private, requires not only related management systems but also updated data obtained through land surveying, for the positioning of new assets and for the measurement and evaluation of existing assets.

    Cadastral Surveying involves the use of Total Station and GNSS for high accuracy surveying and data acquisition, in horizontal as well as in 3D.

    Control and monitoring through high accuracy methods creates the possibility of assessing national or local assets such as dams or dikes of the river, but also any construction at the age of depreciation or threatened by natural phenomena as landslides.

    Hydrographic surveying enables data updating of water resources, including the coastline, lakes, rivers, and of temporary water streams.

    Underground infrastructure is a vital asset for urban development. Successful management of the central or local agencies of water supply and sewage networks, electricity, and optical cable networks, needs and depends on their detection through special equipment and their positioning on map.

    Master planning support, achieved through the acquisition of field data by GNSS equipments and Total Station for greater accuracy.

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