• For detailed exploration of mineral deposits the tasks of the mine surveying service include construction of a reference grid, surveying the earth’s surface, transferring the plan for the location of exploratory workings to the actual site, and surveying all exploratory workings, as well as natural and man-made rock exposures.

    Establishment and verification of site survey control, civil survey work including set-out and as-constructed surveys for conveyors, transfer stations, crusher streams, crushed ore bins, loader tipples, plate feeders, underground rail, rail tipping stations, mechanical and concrete infrastructure

    Mine Site Control Networks - The reference with Albanian Geodesy References System and ETRS89.

    Completing a re-traverse that merges all data into a single calculation and 3D least squares adjustment.

    3D Scanning - The fastest way of taking data.

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    Gjeo-Vjosa - 20 years surveying experience

    With a waste experience of 20 years in land surveying, engineering and cadastre, Gjeo-Vjosa has the requested know-how in the field.

    Responsibility and Professionalism are our core values on implementing and fulfilling our partners expectations.

    Our staff is in continuous training process to handle the state-of-art technology and methods.