• Being in Albanian market for 20 years with full of the land surveying services, having a distinguished experience in both geodesy and surveying, this division of services still remain our core business!

  • Geospatial Solutions

  • The long experience in cadastral works through surveying and GIS applications, created the start point on developing the GIS know-how and applications, not only on Open Sources softwares but also the solutions and applications of the Hexagon Geospatial. Being part of the deep and thoughtful transformations due to Inspire Directive - that's is one of the most challenges fields of our efforts!

  • Training

  • New mentality, new know-how and higher level of professionalism.

    Our objective is to give the access and possibility to young people being ready for the challenges of the new market.

    We're willing to give to them the best standards of the work, the best methodologies and the best know-how on technologies used in our field!